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Five mistakes GNU/Linux neophytes make

New users tend to make some common mistakes when trying out GNU/Linux for the first time. The reasons for these mistakes are varied: because GNU/Linux is a different kind of operating system; because Windows fosters bad habits; because users choose the wrong distribution; because Mercury is in retrograde; and myriad other possibilities. Here are some solutions to five commonly encountered GNU/Linux problems.

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Vim's newest features

Vim, or "vi improved," is an open source text editor for multiple platforms. This article gives an overview of vim's latest improvements over vi.

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Customizing FVWM even more

In my last article on FVWM, the F Virtual Windows Manager, I wrote about its basic setup, how to create a task bar, and how to create your own menus. In this article I'll be looking at further ways of customizing the windows manager to improve the basic desktop.

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CLI Magic: Recycle your shell

When you're at the CLI, you're where it's at. Why else would Microsoft -- the glutton for GUI -- be slaving so feverishly to add a shell to their next release? At the risk of sounding like Yogi Berra and that duck in the barbershop commercial, I've got to say although Microsoft found replacing the DOS command line to be too tough a shell to crack, others did not, and that's why Monad is no longer on the feature list for Vista. Never fear, gentle readers, Linux has shells enough for all, and this week we'll look at two different ways to change the one you're using

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Review: VidaLinux 1.2

Version 1.2 is the third official release of the Gentoo-based VidaLinux OS (VLOS). The changes and enhancements to this edition are significant, but not good enough to save this conceptually astute operating system from failure. VidaLinux 1.2 is nice to play with, but don't expect a comfortable, complete desktop experience a la SUSE or Mandriva.

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Linux Advisory Watch - August 26, 2005

This week, advisories were releaed for bluez-utils, thunderbird, mysql, epiphany, system-config-netboot, kdbg, doxygen, kdeedu, ncpfs, gaim, system-config-bind, tar, vnc, metacity, cups, pygtk, slocate, myodbc, xpdf, libgal2, dhcpv, diskdumputils, kdebase, cvs, hwdata, eject, pcre, kismet, wikiwiki, apache, tor, netpbm, vim, and elm. The distributors include Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, and Red Hat.

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Detect weak network passwords with Hydra

Security experts always advise you to use only strong alphanumeric passwords for network applications, and change them often, but you know that not everyone on your network is security-conscious. Starting to worry that weak passwords may be slipping through your defenses? Then it's time to unleash Hydra, a network login cracker for more than 30 network services.

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